Minorcan escapes an exclusive interview with the owner of Villa Alaior

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Minorca, an island which takes you far away from the hustle – bustle of the daily life and bring you close to clear blue skies & water. Today, we are fortunate enough to interview the owner of this majestic villa and share her version of Minorca with you.

minorca pool

Why did you select this Island & property particularly?

I grew up in the Island but never realised its importance until I started studying and working in different parts of Europe. I missed waking up to the blue skies and shining sun covered in warmth & safety. As I realised its importance with Antoine ( my husband), who has been visiting most of his holidays here since the last 20 years. So we decided that this is the place we wanted to relax and plan family get togethers. We come here to stay in touch with the nature. As its two hours from London or Paris, its convenient for us to come here often.

Purchasing Villa Alaior was dreamy, finding a countryside property and bringing back the charm of the minorcan heritage is one of a kind. One cannot find a property which is historically tinted, 1000 meters with gardens and by the sea. So when we found this will on an exclusive land which is also near its main towns and beaches, there was no looking back!

minorca 3

How is the architecture of this villa unique?

The original architecture of Villa Alaior was royal, maybe a little too much. The living spaces were well structured but old fashioned. Our architects on the island as well as their french counterparts, interior designers Atelier Du Pont did an excellent job of softening the edges of the grand Finca, adding light and making every space feel comfortable and easily accessible. They also brought out the beauty and completely restructured them with whitewashed masrony elements, work tops and carpentry.

Every room is spacious, all bedrooms have bathrooms and plenty of annexes, living spaces to keep everyone happy without interfering in others personal space.

The Minorcan countryside was our biggest inspiration for the renovation with its whitewashed farmhouses with grey-green color palette, mediterranean plants, stone walls and blended legacy of : British elegance, french charm, Spanish authenticity tipping it with a moorish touches.

minorca 8

minorca 6

Describe the heritage of your villa

The finca was built in the 19th century by a family of wealthy merchants who used it as their weekend getaway from their activities and main house in Mahon. They put a lot of effort to bring every luxury possible at the time to the house such as running water in the bathrooms and exquisite tiles in every room.

They loved hunting, enjoying wildlife and entertaining neighbours from surrounding fincas. We saw some of the pictures of a procession which honoured Virgin Mary being welcomed in the garden of the house 60 years ago, it was a wonderful sight.

minorca 2

What experience do you offer guests living at your villa?

We would also like Villa Alaoir to be a place which bonds people together. Where they value every moment with each other. Relax together with nature and discover the wild beaches, sailing, cuisines and local culture.

We would like to offer guests a real break from their daily lives where they could just sit back and relax while our staff takes care of everything they might need. From preparing exquisite meals to organising more chilled activities such as craft or pottery classes. All that while feeling very much at home and free from social pressure or formalities.

minorca 6

minorca 7

Your favourite spots surrounding the villa?

Some of them would be L’illa d’en Colom, a beautiful island near the beach of Es Grau located on the east coast of the island. Enjoy the Kayak/ boat ride in Los Tamarindos. Where your kids can even enjoy lunch as they paddle in the water. This can also be found in the Calas of Alcaufar or Canutells, the latter having a restaurant with blissful views and fish!

To end this with the best part, San Adeodato which is a long beach with clear waters and you can head to Mahon Port to enjoy nightlife.



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